What Is a Trippy Stick?

In order to understand more about the “Trippy Stick” and what it is, it’ll be necessary to take you on a journey that begins with the original concept, why it’s been rated higher than real smoke, why it provides more satisfaction, and why, with the help of the masses, it has been improved to a point where you now have a number of different options available to you in terms of what can be vaporized. Once you’ve had a chance to go through this journey, you’ll understand more about what the Trippy Stick is, and how you’ll be able to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

* The Trippy Stick Concept

The concept of this device is quite unique. Actually, the concept is based on the theory of how vapor is much more powerful than regular smoke. The idea was to build a device that could contain a small cartridge of oil that can be vaporized and used for an inhalant. The device would need to be small, compact, and portable. It would also need to be rechargeable, easy-to-use, and in some cases, non-detectable. It would also need to be affordable, as well as being available for the masses. The creation, as it is known today is called the Trippy Stick.

* A Vaporizer vs. Real Smoke

If you aren’t aware, studies in the medical industry have proven that vapor is much more potent in an inhaler than if a person were to have an inhaler filled with smoke. A liquid that has been vaporized will enter the bloodstream by being inhaled much quicker than smoke, and less will be required in order to do so. In addition, when you inhale smoke, a lot of that smoke is wasted when you exhale. You’ll notice that when you inhale a vapor, almost no vapor escapes when you exhale. Now, apply this concept to a device that is easy to use, can contain a variety of different cartridges filled with an oil of your choice, and vaporized when you’re ready without the need for matches, rolling papers, or anything else other than the oil you’ll want to vaporize, and the device needed for delivery.

* The Trippy Stick Provides Real Satisfaction

Quite frankly, the Trippy Stick provides something that most people have needed for years, and that is a device that can provide delivery of medically approved oil, without bothering anyone else during the process. A person can experience real satisfaction by being able to inhale vapor as opposed to inhaling smoke, which has its own ramifications. But the key factor to remember is that vapor doesn’t give off the same potent aroma that people would smell if you were to light up and blow smoke. In addition, a person will be able to consume less, while having an experience that makes them feel as though they have consumed more. This provides real satisfaction in terms of the experience, as well as understanding that you are not wasting anything that is being inhaled.

* New and Improved Trippy Stick

Because of its recent popularity, there are new and improved versions of this device being circulated. You will discover that you are not limited to any particular type of oil that can be used in the cartridge. In fact, this gives you more options for different types of oil that can be used and vaporized. This opens up a vast market when it comes to the Trippy Stick, and how it can be used globally.

Now that this device has become extremely popular in the rap industry, more and more people are hearing about this particular device, how it’s used, and the benefits it provides. So, if you’ve been trying to find out more about the Trippy Stick, you now have an inside view of what it is and how you’ll be able to incorporate this device into your everyday lifestyle.